Monday, March 31, 2014

Please excuse our BLOG'S...

"Technical Difficulties" today.

We shall be back with you tomorrow!

Be well,


Friday, March 28, 2014

Miguel / Slevin

Well everyone, we've finally made it to Friday, way to go lol! It was an awesome week to "pretty much" wrap up March. We had many new canines try The Fort on for size this week, and lucky for us and them, they all passed their assessments. We end this week on a high note, with two successful new comers, Miguel and Slevin.

Miguel is an adorable, four month old, eleven pound, brindle, black and white colored, French Bulldog. She hung out with us in our Little Roll play area. Up there, Miguel was jubilant, and super eager to meet the other canines. She was constantly on the move, getting to know one pack member after another. Miguel is a fun pup that just wants to play and be happy... Knowing that, she'll continue to do great here!

Slevin is a three year old, one hundred and twenty-eight pound, "blue" and white colored, Great Dane. Slevin wasn't quite sure what to make of the Big Roll at first. As time passed and more dogs arrived, he started to really open up to the experience. He met with dogs favorably, then relaxed enough to engage in play with several of them, including, you guessed it, another Great Dane, Theodore. It was exciting to see the two massive canines interacting so well, and having a blast.

Miguel and Slevin are two great dogs, capping off our assessment-filled week. We hear that we'll be meeting up with them again real soon.

Enjoy your weekend, stay dry!


P.S. Unfortunately, we didn't capture any clips of Miguel this time around. We did however, get a glimpse of Slevin on the camera.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

- Jesse and Charlie -

We had a "double header" today, two new dogs coming in for their assessments. First came Jesse, then later, Charlie.

Jesse is a good looking, three year old, twelve pound, blonde colored, Havanese. Heading upstairs to The Fort's Little Roll, Jesse was bright-eyed and curious. He met with a few different pack members, just minutes after his arrival. Jesse did well "meeting and greeting", he enjoyed the company of the others dogs, and mingled quite fluidly. Although Jesse didn't do much one-on-one or "dyadic play", we believe he will get into that over time. He is a darling little canine, that enjoyed his stay here today.

Charlie is a unique, one year old, thirty-five pound, Petite Golden Retriever. Charlie ventured to the Medium Roll play area full of anticipation and interest. Right away, he was introduced to the Medium Pack, and instantly began to communicate with them properly... By standing still, moving his tail a bit, and allowing the other dogs to approach and sniff him first. Within seconds, we knew that Charlie spoke "DOG" well, given his body language and comfort level, while meeting multiple canines at once. After the slightly overwhelming intro was over, Charlie slipped into his "groove", seemingly becoming pleased with his new surroundings and friends. Charlie played a lot with many different dogs, and it was a site to see.

First-rate job Jesse and Charlie, you are both accepted to Fort Fido. Woo hoo!



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two cowpokes entered the saloon...

Errr... I mean, The Fort!

Get a load of buckaroos Gus and Hank.

These two merry "brothers", had the most comical entrance into the Big Roll play area, that I've seen in some time... They were both so happy and excited to be here, you would have thought they'd been here for fun, many times before. Their extremely cheerful personalities were a joy to see in the early morning, especially for a new-dog-assessments.

Gus is a two year old, seventy-eight pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Hank is a four year old, seventy-eight pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Luckily, telling the two apart isn't hard... The more "mature", Hank, has a golden color on him, while Gus does not. Personality wise, Gus and Hank are quite similar, with Gus being slightly more active. Both Gus and Hank are very gregarious. They're your "outgoing" type of canines, that just want to find their niche within the pack, and have a good time. Gus and Hank interacted with numerous dogs, seemingly into any that would take them on. We are pleased with Gus and Hank's social skills, they are welcome to drop into Fort Fido anytime they'd like.

In the clips that follow, Gus and Hank, mix it up in the Big Roll with fast-players Odin, Samwise, and Gertrude.


Take it easy,


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Sister Act


This morning we assessed the "precious pair" that is Ella and Miley.

Ella is a happy-go-lucky, three month old, twenty-five pound, Black Labrador Retriever... Her "sister", Miley, is a feisty, two month old, sixteen pound, Silver Labrador Retriever.

These two played-it-up in our Medium Roll today. Once inside the play area, they quickly met with Fort Regular Lucky. The three dogs hit it off smoothly, running, jumping, chasing, and bounding around, during their play-session. As more dogs arrived, and the pack grew, Ella and Miley continued with play, curiosity, and enthusiasm. These two wonderful new pups, are welcome to come back to Fort Fido anytime. They enjoyed their stay, and seemed to get a lot out of the experience. Dog Daycare is sure a great place for young canines to let out some energy, and most importantly, learn how to speak "DOG" and socialize properly. Ella and Miley are well Overnight Boarding visit soon.
on their way to all of that, and we plan on seeing them for a future

Well done today girls!

Checkout these cool clips of Ella and Miley... You can also spot Lucky, Walter, and Yuki.


Be well,


Monday, March 24, 2014

Three New Dogs!

This last Saturday we assessed Toma. He is a cute, twelve year old, fifteen pound, Bichon Frise. This happy little fella hung out at The Fort and did well. "Toma from Tacoma" is playful, energetic, and speaks good "DOG". Even though he is a bit older than your average Fort Fido regular, you wouldn't know it! Toma's a champ who doesn't seem a day over six.

Next up, also assessed on Saturday after Toma, was Sunny. Sunny is a ten year old, ninety-six pound, beautiful golden colored, Labrador Retriever Mix. Sunny stayed with us and didn't do half bad. She was a bit shy at first, but warmed up, and became more comfortable here as the day progressed. Given time and consistency, we believe Sunny will become more relaxed here, and get more out of each visit.

Last, but certainly not least, is Abbey. Abbey had her assessment this morning, she is a six month old, fifty-two pound, Black Labrador Retriever. A very sweet dog, Abbey did a nice job getting to know the other pack members in our Medium Roll play area. She is a dog park regular, that's just so happened to meet a few Fort Fido dogs while out and about. Here today, she didn't play a whole lot, however, it was her first time away from family. Given that, Abbey really did awesome. We're almost certain that she will play more, once she gets a couple of visits under her belt.

March is typically our busiest month. This March has been no exception, and we are fortunate to have had such an influx of great new canines joining up... Including Toma, Sunny, and Abbey! They are all welcome back anytime.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for spreading the word about Fort Fido.

Enjoy that sun, take care,


Friday, March 21, 2014

All Heart Alice

This morning we assessed the older "twin sister" of new pup Gertrude... Say hello to Alice! She is a mature, four year old, sixty-seven pound, Bernese Mountain Dog. Alice is a very sweet and good looking canine. She entered into The Fort's Big Roll play area with ease, and quickly became comfortable with her new surroundings. Alice pranced around and socialized with an array of different pack members. She played a little bit, but hardly any, when compared to her high-energy little-pup-sis, Gertrude. Alice is a beautiful "Berner" that was a pleasure to have in here today. We look forward to seeing her again, and, the return of this"dynamic duo".

Have a wonderful weekend,


Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Sam The Man"

Get to know a bit about Sam... He is a five year old, seventy-three pound, brindle, brown/black/white colored Mixed Breed, that had his assessment this morning. Sam stayed in Fort Fido's Big Roll play area. There, he did very well with the pack, wagging his tail, while happily greeting each dog that arrived. In the past, Sam attended a Dog Daycare up North as a regular, so it was no surprise to us, when he fit into the group easily. A cheerful canine, Sam, continued to enjoy his first visit to The Fort, throughout the duration of his four hour stay. He played hard and fast with several different dogs, which was exciting to see. Awesome job today Sam! We shall run into you again soon.

Here's two little clips of Sam having a blast with Theodore and Marty.


Take care,


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Funny Fido

We are "busy-bees" around The Fort these days, however, it's kind of a slow "news day" today lol... Why don't I just post a few funny dog videos eh? Yeah, that sounds good. Hopefully, there will be one you haven't seen before.


Bulldog tries to sit in a box that's too small for him. Hilarious!

Here's a good one, "Big Sticks and Small Doors" ha!

Might as well add this gem of a "Little Dog and a Big Stick". What a warrior!

Saving one of my favorites for last... The 2014 Funny/Guilty Dogs Compilation!

Take it easy,

P.S. O by the way, if you like snoopy and the comic Peanuts, good news, there making a new movie of it, and the animation looks really cool!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome Zoey

Today we assessed Zoey. She is a five month old, thirty-five pound, Boxer. Zoey stayed in The Fort's Medium Roll where she thrived. This young Dog Daycare regular, is already quite social, and adept at canine communication. Zoey is a very sweet dog, that fit in well with the pack. She played with a few different Fort Fido members, with Georgie and Jack, becoming her favorites.

Here is a couple little shots of Zoey in action:

Well done today Zoey, you may visit whenever you'd like.

Be well,


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day (Bella and Jolie)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

This last Saturday Fort Fido had two new canines in for their assessments...

Bella is a kindhearted, six year old, fifty pound, brown and white colored, Basset Hound. Once introduced, she responded well to the other dogs. She didn't do a whole lot of play, but she did socialize and wag her tail a lot. Bella has a very sweet disposition and is perfect for the Medium Roll

Jolie is a striking, six year old, fifty pound, black colored, Standard Poodle. Now Jolie was a bit shy at first, yet she warmed up after a bit of time. She didn't interact as much as Bella, however she did meet and greet with several different dogs in the Medium Roll. We hope to see Jolie branch out some more in future visits. She is a very good looking dog that'll be great to have around.

We are happy to have both Bell and Jolie joining our pack at The Fort, nice job gals!

Have a good day and a safe celebration,


Friday, March 14, 2014

Galloping Gertrude

Yeah... Something like that lol.

Get a load of the Gertie Girl! Gertrude, is an eight month old, sixty-seven pound, lively Bernese Mountain Dog. She had her assessment early this morning in the Big Roll. Once inside, she got in the game almost instantly. She speaks pretty good "DOG" for a pup, and mingled with almost every Big Roller we had today, in a happy and wild way. Gertrude sprinted, romped and played hard, just as we suspected. All the "Berners" we've come across over the years, have been happy-go-lucky and high-energy. We look forward to having Gertrude here at The Fort... We plan on assessing her "sister", Alice, soon. Awesome job today Gertie!

Checkout the following clips of the good-looking-Gertie-gal, in play, with Theo, Max, Eleanor and a few others.

Have a great weekend,


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Marvelous Max

We were in for a real treat with this morning's assessment... Meet new pup Max! He is an adorable, three month old, fifteen pound, chocolate colored, Multigen, Labradoodle. Max is the new "little brother" (technically nephew) of Fort Fido Medium Roll champion, Lucy (who is a "F1 doodle"). Now Max followed "big sis" Lucy into the medium play area. Once there, he explored cautiously, unsure of what to make of the place. As the pack grew in size, Max started to come out of his shell and really interact. Georgie, and others, helped welcome Max, getting him to gallivant with them.

Max is here at Daycare to sharpen his social skills, improve his canine communication, and of course, play hard while getting some energy out! Simply put, this puppy dog is here to learn and have a fun time doing it. Lucky for Max, he has an extremely good teacher at home, in Lucy. She's definitely been helping Max with his "studies", and it shows. Lucy is a very calm and balanced canine, the kind of dog folks want to own, a true testament to her ever popular breed. Hopefully Max will follow right in Lucy's "paw prints" lol. So far, so good, as you can see in the following little clip of the duo:

Max had a very positive first day at The Fort, he did a fine job here. We are stoked to have him amongst our ranks.

Like it has been watching Lucy, it will sure be awesome to watch, Max, grow into a respected adult canine.

Take care,


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

- Tenacious Teddy -

Today was Teddy's assessment day. He is a friendly, two year old, seven pound, white, grey, and brown colored, Shih Tzu/Miniature Poodle Mix. Teddy entered Fort Fido with wonder and courage. He marched upstairs to the Little Roll, where he met with Gibson and Seamus right away. Teddy speaks quite good "DOG". That skill, gave him the ability to fit into our pack quickly and easily, which he certainly did. Teddy mostly just hung out with the play group and enjoyed himself. Teddy's gleeful-tail wagged often, as he mingled with the other canines. He chased a few toys around, and generally had a fun time. We are thrilled to know that Teddy will be back into The Fort soon... It looks as though he'll be giving our Overnight Boarding a go.

Although we weren't able to catch Teddy in any major "one on one play", you can spot him towards the end of this little "cross-section" clip.

Take it easy & enjoy that sun,


Monday, March 10, 2014

Keen Kate

Today we assessed Kate. She is a very social, four year old, eighty pound, German Shepherd. Kate entered into Fort Fido raring to go. She stepped into the Big Roll, as the first entry of the morning, full of excitement and curiosity. As dogs arrived, Kate greeted them in a smart and friendly fashion. The pack continued to grow throughout the morning, while Kate continued to be happy and content in her surroundings. This German Shepherd gal, has definitely socialized and played with other canines many times before. She was a pleasure to have in here today. Kate, we're glad you had a great time in here, and we hope to see you again soon.

Here is a cool little clip of Kate in action with Fort regulars, Brix and Theodore.

Have a good Monday,


Friday, March 7, 2014

Smokey The Dog

This morning we assessed Smokey. He is a kind, one year old, one hundred and thirty pound, white, black, and tan colored, German Shepherd/Husky Mix. Smokey was instantly curious upon arriving at The Fort. He ventured into the Big roll, where he began his jaunt, sniffing around a lot, and wagging his tail joyfully. It was as if he knew, he would be in for a good morning. We introduced Smokey to several different pack members, and he greeted them in a very healthy and calm manner. He was adept at canine communication, seemingly happy to greet any dog interested in him. Given his personality, it is clear that Smokey goes to the Steilacoom Dog Park to socialize on a regular basis. Although he didn't do much "play" in the classical sense, Smokey moved about the Big Roll at a steady pace, with what appeared to be a smile on his face. He has a bit of an "Alpha Presence", and is a jolly, yet regal, fella. It will be neat if he decides to play, however he's getting a lot out of Dog Daycare with his current actions. We are happy to have Smokey at Fort Fido anytime.

Enjoy that weekend,


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tactful Tucker

Alrighty, this is Tucker... He is a good looking, six month old, forty-eight pound, black and tan colored, Doberman Pinscher. Tucker had his assessment the other day, and he did a fantastic job hanging with our pack. This young pup has already socialized with quite a few dogs, and has had several visits to the dog park. Although new to the "Daycare Scene", Tucker appears to be warming up to it nicely. He's been meeting and greeting others in the Big Roll pack, but hasn't done tons of playing just yet.

He was in today, and lucky for all, really began to get in the mix. Tucker ended up having a wonderful play session with Fort regular, Gage, during "naptime". It was rather enjoyable to watch Tucker get into his comfort zone and "bust out" a little. He did a lot more today compared to his first visit... And that's ok, first days can be a bit overwhelming.

You can see a bit of Tucker and Gage's interaction in the following clips:


Tucker is becoming a great addition to Fort Fido. He's always welcome, and we may be seeing him regularly. Those "un-cropped Dobie ears" are so darn cute too lol.

Take it easy,


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marvelous Macy

Macy strolled into The Fort this morning, ready for her assessment. She is a sweet, eleven year old, fourteen pound, grey/white/cream colored, Shih Tzu. Macy is a very nice dog, and you would never guess that she is a "tender", eleven years of age, this gal's still got it goin on... Keeping up with several dogs less than half her age! She more or less stayed in the middle of  the Little Roll, greeting the days's pack members as they arrived. Macy is very fluent in "Dog Speak", she exhibited good bite control while correcting puppies, excellent "rear sniffing" or "meeting practices", and, showed off welcoming play-bows. We are pretty sure she is going to begin to play more as she grows even more comfortable here at Fort Fido. First-rate job today Miss Macy! It looks like we'll see you in a few days.

Be well,

P.S. Yesterday we also had a new recruit. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a photo of him in time for a blog post. Tomorrow, I'll tell y'all about him, he is a really cool-canine and his name is Tucker.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

- Bijou -

Yesterday morning, we met up with Bijou for her assessment. She is a gorgeous, two year old, sixty-four pound, standard, black and tan colored, German Shepherd. Like the majority of German Shepherds that attend Fort Fido, Bijou, visited with us in the Big Roll. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the place at first.... She was a bit hesitant, and sort of just sat back, slowly taking in her new surroundings. As the pack grew, Bijou branched out a little bit by, walking around, sniffing others, and meeting most of the group. Bijou is a very beautiful German Shepherd. She is a Rescue Dog, and knowing about her past ahead of time, helped us understand Bijou's weariness of new experiences. Lucky for Bijou, she has scored herself an outstanding new home and owner. We believe, given time and consistency, that Bijou will begin to branch out even more here at The Fort. Hopefully she'll really "let her hair down" and have some fun playing with the others. If not, that is ok, because for now she is content just being amongst the pack. Bijou is welcome to hangout with us any time she'd like, and it looks like we'll be seeing her soon.

Take care,


Monday, March 3, 2014

All-About-It Oliver!

This last Saturday we got the opportunity to meet with Oliver. He is a five year old, twenty-four pound, cream/fawn colored, French Bulldog. Oliver had his assessment in The Fort's Medium Roll. In there with the others, he loved it! He did an excellent job, meeting and greeting with several pack members. Oliver's enthusiastic and active personality, made him a fun dog to have around here. We look forward to his return to Fort Fido, he is welcome anytime.

We were even lucky enough to score a couple clips of Oliver, getting to know the livewire, Pupcake. These two really got along well together.


Stay dry,