Thursday, March 13, 2014

Marvelous Max

We were in for a real treat with this morning's assessment... Meet new pup Max! He is an adorable, three month old, fifteen pound, chocolate colored, Multigen, Labradoodle. Max is the new "little brother" (technically nephew) of Fort Fido Medium Roll champion, Lucy (who is a "F1 doodle"). Now Max followed "big sis" Lucy into the medium play area. Once there, he explored cautiously, unsure of what to make of the place. As the pack grew in size, Max started to come out of his shell and really interact. Georgie, and others, helped welcome Max, getting him to gallivant with them.

Max is here at Daycare to sharpen his social skills, improve his canine communication, and of course, play hard while getting some energy out! Simply put, this puppy dog is here to learn and have a fun time doing it. Lucky for Max, he has an extremely good teacher at home, in Lucy. She's definitely been helping Max with his "studies", and it shows. Lucy is a very calm and balanced canine, the kind of dog folks want to own, a true testament to her ever popular breed. Hopefully Max will follow right in Lucy's "paw prints" lol. So far, so good, as you can see in the following little clip of the duo:

Max had a very positive first day at The Fort, he did a fine job here. We are stoked to have him amongst our ranks.

Like it has been watching Lucy, it will sure be awesome to watch, Max, grow into a respected adult canine.

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