Friday, March 7, 2014

Smokey The Dog

This morning we assessed Smokey. He is a kind, one year old, one hundred and thirty pound, white, black, and tan colored, German Shepherd/Husky Mix. Smokey was instantly curious upon arriving at The Fort. He ventured into the Big roll, where he began his jaunt, sniffing around a lot, and wagging his tail joyfully. It was as if he knew, he would be in for a good morning. We introduced Smokey to several different pack members, and he greeted them in a very healthy and calm manner. He was adept at canine communication, seemingly happy to greet any dog interested in him. Given his personality, it is clear that Smokey goes to the Steilacoom Dog Park to socialize on a regular basis. Although he didn't do much "play" in the classical sense, Smokey moved about the Big Roll at a steady pace, with what appeared to be a smile on his face. He has a bit of an "Alpha Presence", and is a jolly, yet regal, fella. It will be neat if he decides to play, however he's getting a lot out of Dog Daycare with his current actions. We are happy to have Smokey at Fort Fido anytime.

Enjoy that weekend,