Friday, August 26, 2016

All About Daycare

  Daycare is a stimulating, comfortable, and controlled environment where your dog can come and hang out for the day. When you need to run an errand, have a busy schedule, or want your dog to spend the day just being a dog. Dog daycare is another outlet for them and it's great for socializing new puppies and teaching them to learn proper "Dog Speak" (the signals dogs use to communicate back and forth through body language), from 0 to 6 months puppies absorb a lot of information. Their brains are sponges. Dogs are similar to humans in the way that the younger they are, the easier it is for them to learn and pick up good habits.

  We separate the dogs according to size and play style. Dogs prefer and are more comfortable with routine, so here at the fort we follow a consistent schedule. The dogs are monitored by our staff and have free range to do as they please, in the specific program they're in. They can frolic around with their dog friends, or even just lay back and hang out!

Here are some photos of what our playtime typically looks like at The Fort.
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  Just like humans, dogs need breaks and nap time as well. In fact, dogs need more sleep throughout the day than people do.
It's not unusual for an adult dog to sleep 14 hours a day. Puppies often sleep closer to 18 hours, but this happens in short little bursts instead of only a few long naps, like they do when they're fully mature. Some of the signs you can look for when a dog needs rest is obvious- laying down, struggling to keep their eyes open,  but other signs may be a bit more confusing. When a puppy is acting up, playing rough, and running all over the place, it can be a sign that they need more stimulation and still have to let some energy out but often times  much like a cranky child what they really need is a nap.

  Because we know how important it is for your canine friends to stay active as well as get their sleepy time, we set aside a few hours each day dedicated to resting. After several hours of fun with their friends, we dim the lights, turn on old nursery rhymes/classical music and set up for our mid-day napping. We typically kennel the younger pups that aren't able to rest themselves yet but most of the dogs know when it's time to settle down. They find their spot to lie down or cozy up next to some of their buddies, and sleep.

Nap-time Photos

  After nap-time has ended, the dogs are usually pretty spunky, silly, and ready to get their play on!

Check out these photos 
and you'll see what I mean.

  All in all, Daycare is just another outlet for responsible pet ownership. Whether you bring your dog here for socialization, boarding, or need somebody to watch them while you run your daily errands, Fort Fido is here for you. If you have any questions about what we offer, feel free to stop by and say hi, email, or give us a call.

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