Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Marvelous Macy

Macy strolled into The Fort this morning, ready for her assessment. She is a sweet, eleven year old, fourteen pound, grey/white/cream colored, Shih Tzu. Macy is a very nice dog, and you would never guess that she is a "tender", eleven years of age, this gal's still got it goin on... Keeping up with several dogs less than half her age! She more or less stayed in the middle of  the Little Roll, greeting the days's pack members as they arrived. Macy is very fluent in "Dog Speak", she exhibited good bite control while correcting puppies, excellent "rear sniffing" or "meeting practices", and, showed off welcoming play-bows. We are pretty sure she is going to begin to play more as she grows even more comfortable here at Fort Fido. First-rate job today Miss Macy! It looks like we'll see you in a few days.

Be well,

P.S. Yesterday we also had a new recruit. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a photo of him in time for a blog post. Tomorrow, I'll tell y'all about him, he is a really cool-canine and his name is Tucker.

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