Monday, June 13, 2016

Boarding Fun!

Have you ever wondered what your pups were up to all night when they stayed here for boarding? Well, wonder no more because today's blog is going to be all about our overnight program. 

Once all our daycare dogs have left, we lay out the beds and blankets and make a giant plushy, super comfortable sleeping area for them. They love it! 

It ends up looking something like this :) 

  Here at The Fort, our boarding is somewhat non-traditional. Instead of having your dog in a run by themselves, we stay with them all night and let them have free range. Because we are here monitoring their behavior it allows us to let them play with their dog friends as much as they want. If you would like your dog to do more sleeping than playing, just let us know! We can set them up a comfortable bed in one of our kennels with a blanket or bed that you provide, and even their favorite toy.

We often take the time to play with them one on one as well. Check out these silly clips below!

 One of our goals is to make your dogs stay as enjoyable as possible; we want them to feel like this is their second home. So, whenever you want to get away, or have a huge family vacation planned, don't stress about where to take your pup, we are here for you! 

Have a wonderful night,

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