Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Funny Fido

We are "busy-bees" around The Fort these days, however, it's kind of a slow "news day" today lol... Why don't I just post a few funny dog videos eh? Yeah, that sounds good. Hopefully, there will be one you haven't seen before.


Bulldog tries to sit in a box that's too small for him. Hilarious!

Here's a good one, "Big Sticks and Small Doors" ha!

Might as well add this gem of a "Little Dog and a Big Stick". What a warrior!

Saving one of my favorites for last... The 2014 Funny/Guilty Dogs Compilation!

Take it easy,

P.S. O by the way, if you like snoopy and the comic Peanuts, good news, there making a new movie of it, and the animation looks really cool!

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