Tuesday, March 4, 2014

- Bijou -

Yesterday morning, we met up with Bijou for her assessment. She is a gorgeous, two year old, sixty-four pound, standard, black and tan colored, German Shepherd. Like the majority of German Shepherds that attend Fort Fido, Bijou, visited with us in the Big Roll. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the place at first.... She was a bit hesitant, and sort of just sat back, slowly taking in her new surroundings. As the pack grew, Bijou branched out a little bit by, walking around, sniffing others, and meeting most of the group. Bijou is a very beautiful German Shepherd. She is a Rescue Dog, and knowing about her past ahead of time, helped us understand Bijou's weariness of new experiences. Lucky for Bijou, she has scored herself an outstanding new home and owner. We believe, given time and consistency, that Bijou will begin to branch out even more here at The Fort. Hopefully she'll really "let her hair down" and have some fun playing with the others. If not, that is ok, because for now she is content just being amongst the pack. Bijou is welcome to hangout with us any time she'd like, and it looks like we'll be seeing her soon.

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