Wednesday, March 12, 2014

- Tenacious Teddy -

Today was Teddy's assessment day. He is a friendly, two year old, seven pound, white, grey, and brown colored, Shih Tzu/Miniature Poodle Mix. Teddy entered Fort Fido with wonder and courage. He marched upstairs to the Little Roll, where he met with Gibson and Seamus right away. Teddy speaks quite good "DOG". That skill, gave him the ability to fit into our pack quickly and easily, which he certainly did. Teddy mostly just hung out with the play group and enjoyed himself. Teddy's gleeful-tail wagged often, as he mingled with the other canines. He chased a few toys around, and generally had a fun time. We are thrilled to know that Teddy will be back into The Fort soon... It looks as though he'll be giving our Overnight Boarding a go.

Although we weren't able to catch Teddy in any major "one on one play", you can spot him towards the end of this little "cross-section" clip.

Take it easy & enjoy that sun,


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