Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Sister Act


This morning we assessed the "precious pair" that is Ella and Miley.

Ella is a happy-go-lucky, three month old, twenty-five pound, Black Labrador Retriever... Her "sister", Miley, is a feisty, two month old, sixteen pound, Silver Labrador Retriever.

These two played-it-up in our Medium Roll today. Once inside the play area, they quickly met with Fort Regular Lucky. The three dogs hit it off smoothly, running, jumping, chasing, and bounding around, during their play-session. As more dogs arrived, and the pack grew, Ella and Miley continued with play, curiosity, and enthusiasm. These two wonderful new pups, are welcome to come back to Fort Fido anytime. They enjoyed their stay, and seemed to get a lot out of the experience. Dog Daycare is sure a great place for young canines to let out some energy, and most importantly, learn how to speak "DOG" and socialize properly. Ella and Miley are well Overnight Boarding visit soon.
on their way to all of that, and we plan on seeing them for a future

Well done today girls!

Checkout these cool clips of Ella and Miley... You can also spot Lucky, Walter, and Yuki.


Be well,


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