Monday, January 16, 2017

Fun Videos

We were able to capture a few videos of the pups today, check them out below! 🙂

Neo and Dutch having a ball within our Large Dog Program
Georgie and Zorro full speed ahead within our Medium Dog Program
Pippa and Neo rocking and rolling in our Large Dog Program

Hope you enjoyed the videos,
- Sophia

Friday, January 13, 2017

All About Fromms!

In case you're curious about Fromms, the pet food brand that we swear by- I figured I should write a blog about it and introduce some of its amazing benefits, as well as explain why this is the brand we choose to carry.

Fromms is a family owned and operated business based in Wisconsin, that's been around since 1904! The company idea was originally first formed by the four Fromms Brothers, while sitting on their front porch. Their dream was to have the  finest, most beautiful silver foxes in the world, in addition to cultivating and harvesting the best Ginseng. (A type of Root)

Their Gold recipe, the one we carry, is prepared with USDA-inspected Duck, Chicken, Lamb and combined with whole eggs and REAL Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese.

Fromms is so fresh, that they schedule their production of the food around the delivery of their ingredients. Their Duck, Chicken, and Lamb arrives the morning of- to insure the best product possible. They also make sure that their food has minimal processing and is cooked at low temperatures. This prevents extra damage to the Protein.

We have a wide variety of treat flavors: 
Lamb with Cranberry, Parmesan Cheese, and Salmon with Sweet Potato. We even have wet dog food, if you prefer that.

Feel free to stop on by and check out our dog food in person if you'd like. We will be here and ready to answer any questions that you have about it.

Have a marvelous weekend everyone!

FUNFACT: Fromms has never had any major recalls 


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This handsome guy, Moe, joined us yesterday morning. He's an eight month old, sixty five pound Husky mix. Moe had a good first day as he joined our Large Dog Program. He mingled among his new daycare mates, and eventually made a couple friends as the day went on.  

I'm looking forward to getting to know Moe as he starts coming here more often. 

Have a wonderful evening everyone,

Monday, January 9, 2017


Pennie became a member of Fort Fido today. Pennie is an 8 month-old, 37 lbs., Lab & Border Collie Mix. She quickly discovered our lobby and shortly after made her way into our Medium Dog Program. Once she began to meet other canine friends Pennie opened up and was quite the active pup. She made some awesome friends today and we hope to see Pennie again soon. 🙂

Have a wonderful day,
- Sophia

Friday, January 6, 2017


Teddy came into the Fort for his assessment this morning. He is a four-month-old, eight-pound, Toy Poodle. Teddy joined our Small Dog Program where he enjoyed mingling with the other dogs. He did a good job and is welcome back anytime.

Over in the Medium Dog Program Sidney and Allie Bee were tearing it up.


Have a great weekend,
- Gary

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Banjo joined us this morning smiling from ear to ear. He's a one year old, forty pound Shepherd that has a whole lot of life in him! He came in here very curious, and scoped out his new surroundings as he wandered around our Large Dog Program. After he was more familiar with the place, he blossomed like a Butterfly! He even found some friends to play with.

Check him out below!

Banjo is welcome to come back to daycare whenever he pleases; we'd love to see him again.

Have a wonderful night everyone,

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

December Basket Giveaway

As you all know, we did another basket giveaway to show our appreciation for our customers over the Holidays! Every time a dog came to daycare in the month of December, they were automatically entered into the drawing to win that basket above...

Check out this video to see who our lucky winner is! 

  We were all super excited to see that Bogie was our winner. He has been coming here since he was only 3 months old; back in 2011... He's a daycare veteran! 

Try to stay warm tonight, it's supposed to be a chilly one!