Wednesday, August 1, 2012

! Brother From Another Mother !

Tuesday's early morning assessment was none other than Chico. He is a eleven year old, ten pound, white colored, Chihuahua. Now, get this, Chico is the "older brother" of Fort Fido Big Roll regular, Gus. How is that for opposites eh? Hahaha! Gus is huge, Chico is tiny. Gus is black, Chico is white. Gus has long hair, Chico has short hair. I'm guessing you've caught my drift lol?

Chico didn't mind the other pack members in the Little Roll. He wasn't sure what to think of David and Matt but took quite a liking to my cousin Jaya. Basically, Chico could care less about the other dogs and isn't too keen on strange human males. But can ya blame him? He's 77 years old for Pete's sake! I'll probably act the same way when I get there haha. Anyways, Chico is more than welcome to attend daycare/boarding here. In actuality, he got along just fine. He's just a surprising contrast to his active, extremely personable and gregarious brother, Gus... And that is ok by us, he is neat in other ways. Dogs vary, a lot, just like we homo-sapiens do.

Way to be Chico, never let them see ya sweat. We shall see ya soon for overnight boarding!


Take it easy,

P.S. Just a reminder, the ever popular and fun event, Woofstock, is set for August fourth at the UPS campus. I have enjoyed myself at this event in the past, check it out!

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