Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pooch Pool Party!

Jasper sure knew what the pool was for!
To keep cool at the Fort today, we busted out all the stops! The pools were out, and the misters were going, and everybody got to have a great time playing in the water. Jasper climbed right on in; whenever he was getting a little too warm he would lay down and soak up a bunch of nice, cool water. He even played with pooches Jake and Theodore from in the pool!

The little dogs had a great time, too--Nancy kept them cool with the misters and ice (which is always a big hit), and they were caught on film running hard all morning. Check out this clip of Buckwheat and Tucker. Little Pearl and Henry can also be spotted getting in on the fun!

Over on the Medium side, pooches Tikvah and Pupcake had a good romp. These ladies have been friends for quite a while, and always enjoy the opportunity to hang out and play together.

Everybody keep cool! The forecast has us looking at more of the same into early next week.


P.S. If those videos are not working, then YouTube is still trying to finish processing them. Come on back in an hour or so and it should be all done. Sorry for the inconvenience! Sometimes technology just does its own thing, no matter what we try to tell it, lol.

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