Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First comes Riley, then comes Samson!

The above images are just what came to mind when I heard about the new dogs lol! The films "Papillon" and "Samson & Delilah", although not dog related, are oldies but goodies. The only reason I know of them, you may be wondering, mom's a diehard "old movie" buff. Sometimes I can't hang, but those two movies are quite entertaining hahaha. ;)

Twas another crackin' morning over at Fort Fido Tuesday. We had two early morning assessments. Both turned out well, as expected.

Riley was first through the door. He is a dapper, one year old, six pound, red, white and black Papillon. These dogs, Papillons, have such a unique and intriguing look that I really enjoy. Riley is no exception! His striking black mask contrasts his friendly demeanor vividly. Riley took to the Little Roll with ease, making several canine buddies. He was courteous and curious, which got him interacting with pack members quickly. Riley enjoyed chasing toys and running through our agility tunnel. Simply put, this dog is a lot of fun! We are stoked that he got so much pleasure out of his first day.
Not too long after Riley got settled in, Samson arrived. He is a bold, almost four month old, forty pound, German Shepherd/English Mastiff Mix. Samson is a kind young pup who will get a lot out of attending The Fort. A ruff and tumble sort of guy, soon to be quite large, there is no doubt that, Samson, will graduate to the Big Roll in time. For now however, he can learn much from the Medium Roll while playing hard and making friends... Two things that he truly excels at. Take a peak at this clip of Samson having a blast with Rocky. It's Samson in a nutshell!

We heartily welcome Riley and Samson. May they return soon!


P.S. Found this gem online today: There's no fighting between this cat and dog!

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