Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ready or not Lilttle Roll...

Kobe and Luke have arrived on the scene! They are two spirited new dogs who just gave The Fort a whirl.

Kobe is a charismatic, three year old, ten pound, red colored, Pekingese. This spunky little fella came in the door with gusto! Kobe had no fears whatsoever. He pranced upstairs guilefully, looking forward to the dog buddies he knew lay ahead. Kobe interacted cleverly with the others, attempting to play with any canine that was game. A recent rescue, Kobe, is beginning to truly thrive in his newfound forever home. Our hats go off to his new owner for doing right by him. Well done!

Luke is an eight year old, eleven pound, black colored, Toy Poodle. He entered the building a lot like Kobe, curious and confident, ready to explore his new surroundings. Luke did very well upstairs with the other pack members. Although he didn't do the real hard "wrestle play" he did interact readily with several different dogs. Luke is a very nice canine, any poodle fan would adore him instantly. Additionally, he has one of the sharpest poodle cuts I have ever seen. This guy is one handsome fancy-man lol! He gets groomed by one of the old pros over at the ever popular, and close to us, University Place Best Pet Grooming.

Kobe and Luke are fantastic small dogs that we have been fortunate to have at Fort Fido. They will both benefit from attending and are welcome here anytime.

The clip that follows doesn't show a whole heck of a lot, but you can spot both Kobe and Luke amongst the other guests.

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