Friday, August 24, 2012

A collection of cool animal articles!

I stumbled across this hilarious comedy post on Huffington Post, all about the crazy world of giant dogs. We've met a few really big ones over the years (according to the article, "giant dog" refers to those over 100 pounds), mostly Great Danes and a few very large Rotties, but also a few more "exotic" breeds including an Argentine Dogo, an Irish Wolfhound, a Newfoundland, and couple large mixes.

A Spokane police dog helped to apprehend two suspects on Thursday night, in two unrelated incidents. Way to go above and beyond the call of duty! These working pups are really inspiring, the relationships that they build with their handlers and other members of the police force are phenomenal.

An English Bulldog, stolen four years ago as a puppy, was found hundreds of miles from home, with the help of her microchip. The pup, found in Milwaukee WI, was registered to Isa Mendoza of Miami FL. That was a long journey for little Luna! Glad to know that she has finally made her way back home.

A boy has a special bucket list (or Lick-it List) for his aged service dog. This story is very touching, to see so much care and kindness not only from the service dog, but from the eleven-year-old who realizes his dog may not be around too long (Bingo is 14 years old now), and wants to make every last day extra-special. His main wish is to have treats from all over the world, so that Bingo can enjoy the flavors of many different places. Instructions on sending treats are included in the article linked above.

A man and his beloved German Shepherd were both saved by an extended "family" of people that neither of them truly knew--the facebook friends and acquaintances of owner John. When several days had passed without an update from John, one of his facebook friends attempted to phone him, and when there was no answer she asked police to do a welfare check on the man, who has been dealing with ongoing complications from a prior brain injury. Thanks to their actions, both John and pooch Mandy are now safe and in good hands.

I believe I've mentioned London before-- a poor little pit puppy who endured devastating injuries to his front legs after a fall. Now, after major surgery requiring the amputation of both front legs, London has a new lease on life. He is practicing walking around on two legs (much like the pup Faith, who had a similar handicap). Don't let London hear you use the "handicap" word though! He will romp and play with the best of the, and he absolutely loves tennis balls.

A pup who fell off of a cliff was rescued, thanks to firefighters and a technical rope rescue team.After falling off a precipice, and landing on a precarious piece of limestone, Hailey was rescued and returned to her family.

And from Fort Fido-- the Double Z's (Zeus and Zipper) were tearing it up this morning! Look at these boys go!

Everybody have a great night, and we'll pick you back up here tomorrow!


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