Thursday, August 30, 2012

Merry Miss Morgan

Miss Morgan is a mixed-breed (Lab/Pointer/Australian Shepherd) pup who came to visit the Fort this morning. This gal was sweet as can be, and did just fine with the other pups in the medium side. At nine years old, this definitely wasn't her first time at the rodeo, and we can tell that she knows her way around dogs. While she wasn't whipping around with the puppies, she enjoyed herself.

We'll be having her stay with us this weekend, and we'll see if we can't bring out the puppy in this pooch! The Labor Day crowd is set to be a really fun one, for pups and people alike.

See you all (and Morgan) again in the morning!


P.S.-- I'll leave you with another good one from Textfromdog:
Haha! Those things get me every time.

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