Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun with Windows Movie Maker!

Our assessment rescheduled for tomorrow, so I don't have any news on that front for you guys. What I have instead is a really neat video that I worked on this afternoon. It features Gus, Gordon, Baer, Wally and Winston. It was especially good to see Wally starting to bust out today--he played with Winston, which we caught on camera, and was also having a great time with a few other big dogs. I'm glad to see he's getting more comfortable, and mixing it up more!

I hope that you guys liked it! :-D


P.S.-- In case you needed a story of motherly-canine-love to brighten your day, here is a story about a mother dog that rescued her puppies from a blazing house fire, taking them one by one to the firetruck outside.

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