Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A quick note and news

Just a quick note. Our Overnight Boarding Intake Form is now available for download here (On The Fort's Boarding & Join Us webpages). Print yourself out a copy, have it ready for when you need it. Having this intake form filled out before you drop of your pooch saves you time. It makes for a smooth and quick getaway as well lol. Besides, nobody likes long goodbyes... Especially long doggy-goodbyes. We all know what those have the potential of creating. Do what I do, spin on your heels and leave your pup, acting as if it doesn't phase you and that you won't miss him/her... Then, sob in private as you drive away hahaha! Take a deep breath, feel a sense of relief knowing your canine is having fun with their buddies at Fort Fido. Besides, it sure beats a boring, dog-less weekend for them, staying with Great Aunt Myrtle. ;)

Found in the news this evening (8/28/12):

Ask the Dog Trainer: Understanding dog 'talk' (There are some highly beneficial tips in that article.)

Dog can't wait until ice cream truck arrives (Video) (Pretty funny, I bet it didn't take long for that pooch to learn that trick. He's no dummy!)

Family reunited with missing dog after three years! (These outrageous "lost dog reunited" stories never cease to amaze me.)

'Dog Shaming': The newest internet hit (Didn't know this had a name lol, I've seen a bit of it. Found this one on my desktop recently. Sometimes they are funny. Reminds me of that old saying, "There's a grain of truth in every joke.".)

Irving The Talking Dog has been a hit on America's Got Talent (Video) (His owner, this Todd fella, had one ingenious idea.)

Maverick is one lucky dog (What a true "lucky dog" story!)



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