Friday, August 10, 2012

Another couple of new kids on the block!

This has been a big week for us here at the Fort, welcoming all different kinds of new pooches into our pack! The newbies today were Jackson (an absolutely adorable three-month-old Apricot Goldendoodle), and Hazel (a spunky four-year-old mixed breed).

Jackson is a sweet little guy, and had a great time playing with Thorn in the Medium Roll. He is coming to us at a great time for socialization, and should grow up into a cool, confident dog with all this exposure to other pups. The Medium Roll is a great place for puppies, especially since the size range of pups in that group is rather large. Getting experience early on with all different kinds of dogs is a great basis for lifelong socialization.

Hazel got to romp with the big guys, which was a great match for her energy level. This good-time gal was eager to mix it up with the other dogs, and was caught on camera for a few seconds this morning having a quick romp with Baer.

We have even more new pups on the way tomorrow--check back to see those new additions tomorrow evening!


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