Thursday, August 30, 2012

- A Fort Night -

Twas another successful night, with good-dog company, at Fort Fido. Some of our guests slept, while others played. They all got some shuteye, eventually lol.

Buster and Samson were best friends of the Twilight Medium Roll. They played very hard, yet fair, together. Their play continued off and on throughout the wee hours. Most young dogs are up for rebel-rousing in the moonlight. Buster and Samson were no exception, especially since it was their first night together.

Sweet little Tikvah was sleepy. She seemed to wonder why the boys were being so rowdy.

Excuse the vacuum I left blaring and camera flip on this clip lol...

More play from the wild boys.

On the Big Roll side, Puppy Cayenne and Pa Ryker played Master and Apprentice throughout the evening. My man Rudy was tired, he wasn't sure what all the fuss was about

I am lucky, the dogs have been behaving so well on these night-shifts. Everyone is as happy as a clam.

Good times!

Be well,

P.S. Please do enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Also, there is still room to board your dog overnight with us this weekend. Call (253-460-0299) to make your reservations ASAP!

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