Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two New Pooches!

On Sunday, we met up with Sara for her assessment. Now unfortunately, her picture just doesn't do her justice... Sara is a super cute, five year old, seventeen pound, Shih Tzu. Our manager, Hope, said she was a, "Chill little lady". She hung out with the pack in a very calm and confident manner. Sara didn't play a whole heck of a lot but may in time. She interacted with the others wisely and seemed to enjoy her stay. We look forward to having this happy dog return, she is welcome anytime!

Early Monday morning we finally assessed Dino! He is a experienced, fourteen year old, seventy pound, black Labrador Retriever Mix. Now we have heard about "The Legend of Dino" for ages! His younger brother, Dempsey, is a Fort Fido original who has been attending daycare regularly for years. Dempsey and Dino's owners weren't too sure how Dino would fare with the pack at The Fort. Because he is an older fella, they thought he might not dig it, which is understandable. Daycare is most often a "young bucks" game. However, we found out rather quickly, that Dino The Dinosaur isn't a dusty fossil after-all hahaha. He took to the Big Roll smoothly, doing just fine with the other canines. Heck, Dino even gave young whippersnappers, like Zipper and Jake, a run for their money. We like Dino's style. We are awfully glad he worked out here and plan on seeing him again. Dempsey can't have all the fun! ;)

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P.S. This, has become quite the sensation, it is very touching.

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