Saturday, August 4, 2012

Here comes the sun!

Check out Stella, enjoying the sunshine this morning!
We had a great day here at the Fort, enjoying the sunshine and keeping cool! We keep the large bay doors open for as long as possible, to let in the sunshine and the fresh,  cool, morning and evening air. Needless to say, the pups really love the sunshine, and it is a great place for groggy doggies to take a nap, and for frisky puppies to have a good romp! Both of those things were enjoyed by pups here at daycare. Here's a clip of one of the sunny romps from today-

Since the weather is becoming so hot, I thought that I should also post some hot weather tips for pets! First up is a list of recipes for cool treats to feed your pup--just remember that when it comes to dogs and treats, they definitely can have too much of a good thing!

The ASPCA also has a good list of recommendations for keeping your pets cool and safe in the summer. As nice as a 90-degree-day seems to us, for a dog this warmth can actually become quite dangerous. Make certain that your pooch always has access to cool, fresh water, and avoid exercise during the hotter parts of the day. I know that the American Dryland Mushers Association recommends against running dogs if the temperature reaches above just 60 degrees. Take your pet for walks in the early morning, or in the evening, to avoid the worst of the sun and heat, and always bring water with you.

Summer also brings with it the threat of a greater parasite population in the wild wilderness, so make sure that your pooch is on a heartworm preventative, and has regular fecal exams to catch any unwelcome visitors early.

Have a fun and safe weekend!


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