Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little Miss Miura

"Miss Miura" or "Mother Miura", as most of you may know, has been a key component of Fort Fido's Medium Roll for years now. She is a gorgeous Irish Setter, whose Alpha Female ways, help balance out energy levels amongst our Medium Pack. When leaving daycare, during busy pickup time, I often hear people complimenting her on her exquisite beauty.

(Miura at rest during Nap Time.)

Miura's typical day at The Fort involves early morning ball time with Nancy, wrangling/teaching of the younger dogs throughout the day, and a nice "on top of the crate" rest at Nap Time. Miura has an exceptionally wonderful Dog Life, her owners are superb people. She is truly, one lucky dog! We take pride in having her at our Facility.

Be well,


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