Friday, August 3, 2012

News and a couple funny clips

Massachusetts is leading in animal-related-legislation-- the state Senate has passed a bill banning both breed-specific legislation in cities and counties, as well as the use of a gas chamber for euthanasia.

A very special pooch named London, a pitbull who only has the use of two of his legs, is beginning his new life! He was recently taken in by a rescue organization that has worked to get him the costly medical care he needs to improve his quality of life. This carefree and happy guy is definitely an ambassador for the breed.

What do you do when homeless kittens show up at your doorstep? There are a lot of kittens born in this season, and unfortunately many of them (and their mothers) do not have homes. Fortunately, there are a lot of people and places  that can help.

Stumbled across this cool little blog post about what animals see in the mirror. I'm not sure if Gordon recognizes himself in the mirror, but he definitely recognizes me and will use one to look around corners or respond to commands without having to turn around and look at me.

Animal activists in Miami are rallying to improve conditions for Burro, an American Bulldog who has been living on top of the roof of a business as a deterrent to thieves. I wish them the best of luck in fighting for a better life for him! Just because the law says you must provide only food, water, and a little shelter doesn't make those alone the ingredients of a good life.

A dog found a trio of lost girls-- no, not some search-and-rescue bloodhound, but their neighbors little Chihuahua Bell. Also on that page-- a dog fosters a white lion cub in Germany, and Cheetah breaks the land speed record, completing 100 meters in 5.95 seconds.

Speaking of amazing animal athletes, here is a cute article about eight animals who could beat Summer Olympics Record Holders.


P.S.--Here are another couple funny animal video discoveries from YouTube! A kitten and a parrot "fight" for the best spot on the couch.

Who says cats all hate water?
Have a great night everybody!

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