Friday, August 17, 2012

6 Cool Clips

Had a lot of great video of dogs tearing it up today! The heat today didn't slow the pups down at all, especially with those pools to play in. Honestly, we can learn a lot about how to take care of ourselves from watching how the dogs do it-- play and have a great time until you need to cool off, and then have a BIIIIIIIG drink of water and relax in the pool. Seems like they have their summer strategy down pat!

Take a peek at all these pups, making the most of their time here with friends (another doggie lesson for us--make the most of all the time you've got!).

First up is German Shepherd Lucy and Murphy having a good romp together in the big roll. There were a lot of Shepherds here today, and they all got along swimmingly!
 Monty, Zeus and Theodore also had a great time living it up in the big roll. Theodore just recently "graduated" from the medium side, as he's gotten much bigger--with still more to come!
 Murphy also had a lot of fun playing with another puppy-- a Yellow Lab named Jake. The two were a perfect match, with similar energy levels and play styles.
 Theodore also had a great time romping with Boxer Bella in the sunshine this morning. :-D
Over in the medium side, Keegan, Kona, and Thorn were tearing it up! They had to make sure that the big guys didn't get a monopoly on excitement for today, lol.
Last but certainly not least, is this medium roll clip featuring Pupcake, Buddah, and Thorn. These guys really know how to rumble!

Stay safe and keep cool!


P.S.-- If you are looking for a fun, dog-friendly event for the weekend, tomorrow is the 6th Annual Pups in the Park event put on by SUNDogs. It should be loads of fun!

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