Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunday's Assesments

We had a couple of fine new dogs start at The Fort on Sunday.

First we met Red. He is a enthuisatic, four month old, forty pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever. Red is a lab pup with great energy! He fit right in, right away, with some of Fort Fido's most fast and furious players. Red gets along superb with others, he will be able to do well in the Medium or Big Roll. That is always a plus for us. Outstanding job Red, we hope to see you back soon.

Later in the day, we were introduced to Magy. She is a six year old, sixty pound, Collie Mix. Magy is brown and black with a white chest. This gal has a very sweet temperament. Her entrance into the pack was impeccable and she is well versed in "Dog Speak". Magy was quite calm and confident around the others. Although she didn't play, she seemed to enjoy the experience. Magy will make a swell addition to our Medium Roll.

Have a great week,


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