Thursday, August 23, 2012

Medium Dogs bust out, and Animals in the news!

We caught some great clips of the action in the medium roll today! Little Jackson, a three-month-old Goldendoodle, was having an especially raucous time today. He played like crazy with both Thorn and Tikvah, not to mention many other pups in his play area! He really is blossoming into a confident pooch, and I can really see that he is comfortable here with all his buddies. I bet he goes home tired!

Another clip from the medium side shows Tikvah and Bogie, always good friends and today was no exception. It's really interesting to me that dog do have a lot of preference when it comes to who they play with. They pretty much all have a few "go-to guys" that they especially love playing with. Dogs are a lot more like us than we tend to think!

In the news, I found this cool story about a revolutionary plan at the Philly Zoo to construct enclosed trails about the park for animals to use. This will allow them a greater amount of stimulation, and the ability to travel much more freely, and observe other portions of the zoo (and the visitors!).

It's really sad to me that it is 2012, and people still need education regarding service animals. A visually impaired man was denied service at an employment center because they refused to allow his seeing-eye dog inside. Hopefully more incidents like this will raise awareness, and more people will be educated because of it.

A fifteen-month-old Black Lab is lucky to be alive, after falling down a 100ft cliff. She managed to get herself back up before her owners made it down to her, and walked herself back into town.

And to end on a high note-- a puppy notified her family of a fire on the porch, that had not set off fire alarms. Everyone made it out safely, including the family cat (serendipitously named "Lucky").

Have a great night!

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