Friday, November 2, 2012

Belated Happy Halloween

From the "D-Man" Diego... Belated because of me, not him lol. The photos are, "The Balancing Act", "Happy Halloween", apparently that is how he greeted trick or treaters lol, and "Winning" featuring his loot from the contest.

What a fright and how fun! Great pictures dude, thank you kindly. Also, congratulations on your second place finish in Fort Fido's first annual costume contest. Which, by the way, will be much improved next year. With good input, given to us from several of our customers. We will now be able to workout some of the "kinks" that were in this years contest. Let's just say, we will be "leveling the playing field" next time around. A special thanks goes out to our manager, Hope, for coming up with the grand idea and laying the groundwork. Awesome job!

Take it easy and enjoy your weekend!

P.S. Speaking of contests, this one, with a bit of a different flavor, caught my attention yesterday. Hahaha! None of my customers will be entering that one. ;)

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