Friday, November 30, 2012

Cortez' New Clothes!

Cortez made out like a bandit today, with new hat and coat given to him be delightful Dachshund Hound Haberdasher Miller, and his lovely assistant the Pretty Paisley (not to mention proud parents Tracy and Jodi)! Cortie is all ready for the cold weather to come, and really seemed to enjoy the hat-- no scratching it off here. He really is a dapper little gentleman.

Miller has had some great fashions in the past, he was just the pup to share some fashion tips with Cortie this morning.  Check out some of these great hats that Miller has rocked in the past!

I wonder if these cool hats come in XXXL for Gordon---who says that little dogs need a corner on the "cool clothes" market? Haha, maybe it's just time to get crafty! Everybody have a great night, and we'll see you back tomorrow for the weekend shift!


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