Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kenzie & Tula

Get a look at these two lovely canine-gals. Talk about striking a pose lol!

Kenzie is a finely-matured, ten year old, sixty-one pound, Black & Blue colored, Standard Poodle.

Tula, Kenzie's fun little sister, is a three year old, sixteen pound, Carmel & Blonde colored, Cavapoo.

Kenzie tried out The Fort's Medium Roll. She did rather well there with the others, especially for being older than most of the individuals in the group. Could you imagine hanging out with a bunch of young whippersnappers at her age lol? Kenzie did it with grace!

Tula had a more physical experience in the Little Roll. She interacted with many of the pack members, and even took part in a bit of play with Little-Roller Dixie. We believe Tula will look forward to letting off some steam here.

Both Kenzie and Tula are welcome to attend Fort Fido. We fondly anticipate their return for overnight boarding.

Take it easy,

P.S. Speaking of Overnight Boarding, don't forget to make your pet's holiday reservations ASAP... While there is still room! ;)

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