Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fun comes in all sizes-- Small, Medium, and Large!

Here's a quick peek inside all the play areas here at Fort Fido! First up are the small guys--Nancy got a great clip of the little ones interacting this morning. Pearl really loves chasing toys, Riley likes chasing Pearl, and Auchtung liked to chase Riley! Lots of sniffing and hanging out in the clip, too, with appearances by Jaeger, Dwayne, and Buzzette. Being small doesn't make these pups any less feisty!

In the medium roll we caught a cute one of Lucy and Marley having a fun romp. Lucy is a spunky puppy, and Marley is a bit older than she is, but they both know how to have a good time. Both very social and friendly dogs, they were a great match!

Big boys Zipper and Marty love to spend their time together, and really seem to treasure the days that they get to tear it up here. When these boys are both present, they will play together all day long--best friends for life!

Have a great night everybody!


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