Friday, November 9, 2012

☺News and Funnies☺

Just a typical day here at the Fort-- I scoured the internet and found some news stories for you, along with a couple of hilarious little dog clips!
In Indiana, a strong canine who has overcome much tribulation (her eyes had to be surgically removed as a little pup), and is living a great farm-dog life. Her favorite game: fetch! Though completely blind, she can keep track of a moving ball and bring it straight to her owner's feet. It's really amazing what dogs can overcome!
A new pup is vying for the title of "world's smallest dog." Hardly taller than a can of coca-cola, little Meysi was nearly thrown out because the breeder literally did not notice this teeny-tiny runt. Luckily, that was not the case, and now Meysi is living a happy, healthy life.
A class project goes viral--Charli Kilpatrick was assigned to make a YouTube video in a communications class, designed to get 1000 views by December 1st. Her funny video of a dog-headed human (featuring her chocolate Lab Dudley, who was a great sport) already has almost a million-and-a-half views! Go and give it a peek here, it's funny stuff.
And just because everybody needs a good laugh--check out these two funny pooches!

Haha! Dogs can be just hilarious sometimes (I get to see that every day!), and it's great to catch on film. Have a good night, and I'll see you back tomorrow!

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