Friday, November 16, 2012

Cool clips of our Downstairs Doggies!

While all the rolls today were action-packed, I got the best clips from the Big and Medium sides. Check out these pups!

The Huskies were all peas in a pod, tearing it up today. Gordon, Aryan, and Juno were all here and definitely took to each other. They all have similar energy levels and play styles, and are ideal companions for each other.

Juno also made time to play with Giant Jude,  while Tobey and Zeus romped around the area as well.

Over in the medium side, an adorable matched set of Goldendoodle's, Beasley and Jackson, were tearing it up. These sweet bundles of fluff make it really obvious why Goldendoodles and other "doodle" breeds are gaining in popularity. They look like snuggly stuffed animals!
Also in the medium side were terriers Abbey and Tikvah, having a good high-energy romp. It's cool to see all the different energy levels that these dogs have, and to watch them pair up with pups that will enjoy their own particular play style.

Everyone enjoy the weekend! And don't forget-- Fort Fido is open regular daycare hours on Thanksgiving, and boarding is available as well!


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