Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adorable Auckie!

Today we got to spend some time getting to know Auchtung (also known as Auckie). This sweet and gorgeous little six-year-old spent his time getting the lay of the land upstairs with the little guys. I absolutely love his markings--I haven't seen many brindle and white dogs! He was the tallest pup in the little roll, and was fondest of some of the shortest--tiny Pearl, along with Dachshunds Dixie and Jaeger.

Daycare is a whole new experience for Auckie, so it's not too surprising that he wasn't busting out all the stops on his first day. Oftentimes it will take a few visits before a pup is completely comfortable in these surrounding (pups playing all around you, with some HUUUUGE ones downstairs, and no mom in sight!), and Auckie may well just need a little more time to ease into daycare. That said, he had a good, if not too playful, day.

I hope that Auckie will take his time getting comfortable, and learn to love the crazy fun at Fort Fido!


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