Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hearty Hopper

This ones not so much like Dennis... More like the Easter Bunny, with his rabbit-esque gait and all lol! It is easy to see how he got his name.

Hopper is a two year old, fourteen pound, Miniature Schnauzer. He did good for his first day at The Fort... Especially as a rescue dog that has been through a lot. It was nice to see him interacting with the pack, despite not being too sure what to make of it all. His new owner, a long-time Fort Fido supporter (Thank you!), is truly doing right by Hopper and providing him with a loving "forever home". If only all rescue-dogs could be so lucky.

We believe Hopper can benefit from Dog Daycare greatly, he'll also get even more pleasure out of his visits in time. He is definitely welcome to attend Fort Fido and we plan on seeing him again soon. First-rate job this morning Hopper!

Take it easy,


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