Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

I could definitely tell that our pack was thankful for the opportunity to play with all of their friends today! There was a ton of action here at the Fort--take a peek at some of it below.

Marley And Lucy had a good romp early in the morning. These are both real hugh-energy pups, and they were a great match.
Next up was Theodore and Harley, tearing it up in the big roll! These big boys really know how to go at it--all in good fun!
Back in the medium roll, little pup Samwise was loving little Boston Terrier Lucy. These two played together all afternoon--it's really funny how some pups will gravitate toward each other, and play together all day long.
The last clip of the day features Tula, Buckwheat, and Cody. Buckwheat and Tula usually go upstairs with the little guys, but today they were rockin it with the medium dogs! And boy did they have a great time--not a wasted minute for those guys. Cody made sure that they had a great welcome into "his" play area, and just loved romping with the tiny guys!

From the news, we saw a cool slideshow of interesting and unique dog breeds spotted at the 2012 National Dog Show (these photos are great!).

Another great rescue story-- after being saved by his forever-family just days before he was slated to be euthanized, Boxer-Mastiff mix Tank returned the favor by alerting his owners to a fire in their home. Now that's really a dog to be thankful for.

Here's a neat new use for sniffer-dogs--some are being trained to nose out ovarian cancer! That's a much less invasive screening than what is available at this time, lol.

I know that Grant thanked you all on my behalf yesterday, but I wantedto say personally--a big thanks to all of you for making Fort Fido such a fun and exciting place to work. Never a dull moment! :-D Have a great Thanksgiving, guys


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