Friday, November 23, 2012

A post-Thanksgiving Peek at the Pups!

Hopefully not what your pup did this Thanksgiving! Lol
We got some great clips today, showing the pups enjoying their time here at Fort Fido. First up were Gordon and Aryan in the big roll-- every time they are both here, these pups really gravitate toward each other. The have the same high-speed, action-packed play style and are really great for each other. I think I smell the beginnings of a romance!

Over in the medium side, Hopper was tearing it up. First he met with his old friend Buddy, and they had a good wrestle. Next up was Phoebe, a pretty Viszla who has been staying with us for a couple days. She is definitely doing great boarding here, and loves all the doggie attention that she gets during the day!

Enjoy all of your leftovers (those turkey sandwiches are the best part of Thanksgiving, in my opinion), and have a great weekend!


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