Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pooch Playtime

I caught some great clips this morning of a couple different sorts of play styles. First up was Rain and Ryker, enjoying some super-cute neckfighting.

Next up was mister Jasper, having a relaxed romp with Rain. That Golden is quite the social butterfly! She played with every dog in her play area today, and had a blast.

We definitely know how to have fun here at Fort Fido!

Dogs were also taking center stage in the news; here's a smattering of articles that I came across today.

Firefighters rescued a boxer from a lumberyard fire that took over 100 firefighters from 15 different communities to control.

Another great rescue story--a woman's adopted dog alerted her to the fact that her "migraine" was actually a stroke! One good turn deserves another.

A social media campaign is helping to organize owners who have lost pets and the good Samaritans who are finding them, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Check out this neat video of a salmon-fishing Labrador! This guy is an expert angler.

A mother dog is acting as wet nurse for a rare white lion cub born in a China zoo. Canine compassion truly knows no bounds.

Unrelated, but check out these amazing photos that a Seattle photographer waited two weeks in chilly Churchill, Canada for--great close-ups of a Polar Bear!

You guys have a great night, and I'll see you again tomorrow,


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