Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jocund Jack!

Jocund - What a perfect word to describe this morning's new Fort Fido guest. Say hello to Jack! He is a fun-loving, eleven year old, forty pound, American Eskimo (One of the famous "Spitz Breeds").

Unfortunately, Jack has a lot of things going on at home right now. His owner is in the hospital, not to mention, it is also the holiday season! Talk about a change in routine for a dog. Despite these recent life changes, Jack did absolutely first-rate today in the Medium Roll. He even busted-out into some play with new Fort "bad-boy" Hopper. It's a funny thing about Hopper, he really has a thing for American Eskimos, his other new pal is the legendary Buddy.

Now back to Jack, we really enjoyed having him in here today. He seemed to have a ball here as well and is welcome back anytime.... And not just because we are partial to the American Eskimos LOL!

We wish Jack's owner a speedy recovery!

Also, on behalf of the entire Fort Fido Staff (David, Nancy, Grant, Hope, Gary, Matt, Jacob, Andrea, Kelsey, Lexi & Taylor), have a truly Happy Thanksgiving! There are so many wonderful reasons to be thankful.


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