Monday, November 19, 2012

Advice column?

Of course Fort Fido has one... A special thanks to Pearl and Phylis for kicking-off today's blog post.

Dear Grant...

Would like your opinion. Peal the Leeetle Girrrrl takes her sweet time in the morning for her poop-a-doop. It's like she's trying to find just the perfect spot. Sometimes I think she's looking for a spot with no previous use or scents and other times...well, I'm just mystified. So is this an instinctual thing left over from before dogs were domesticated? Say, for example, they're looking for scents of prey, predators, or other animals in the area before they actually go?

Or is this conditioning from me? Is there the possibility that when we go on a walk and when she defecates, that signals the termination of that activity? In other words, “Dog poops, walk is over”? Sometimes our walks are nice a long around the neighborhood and it's not poop and over. It's poop and walk more. What do you think?

Mystified on Memory Lane,


Dear Mystified on Memory Lane AKA Phyllis,

LOL! Thank you for your hilarious inquiry. I suppose we shall never truly know why dogs doodie some of the things they do, ha... However, I think your observations are quite good. Ya know what? Maybe it is a combination of all of those reasons, or maybe it varies from dog-to-dog. Either way it is interesting.

Being the self-proclaimed "Prince of Poopy" that I am, here is my belief. Essentially, I believe a dog's poo-rituals are straight up "Marking". Now, there may be different reasons for the marking of different areas/things at different times… And those ideas could vary from dog-to-dog, IE, male vs female, age, breed, etc... But yeah, it's all marking in my book.
I've come to this conclusion, after several years (six) of watching dogs poop. After-all, this is how I make my living haha! My own dog, Shetland Sheepdog, Gibson, always demands and seems to find, that "Perfect Spot". My Daycare and Boarding Dogs, as a rule, are the same way. Again, I don't know what attributes make the "Perfect Spot" but I do know it exists LOL!

Yes, it is true, dogs do mark with feces, as well as urine. I'd sure prefer that they didn't but they do. Emma, The
Australian Terrier, taught me this a few years back, upstairs in the Little Roll. I choose not to get into how she taught me!

With the utmost seriousness,


-Prince of Poopy AKA Grant

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