Friday, July 20, 2012

Clips and Your Daily Dose of Dog news!

In the daycare today, we caught some cute clips of the pups romping. Upstairs, we saw ball time with Buddy, Oliver, Chloe, and a glimpse or two of Candy.

In the medium roll, little Australian Shepherd puppy Thorn has been tearing it up! He played hard with Tikvah and Bogie this afternoon. Also featured in the clip are Diego and Sheldon.

There was also some great doggie news online today:

Just two hours from the euthanasia deadline, pooch Sunny was spotted by a dog trainer, who adopted her to train for a role in the musical Annie. Now this terrier-mix has a new lease on life--not to mention a burgeoning showbiz career!

If you're looking for a dog-friendly vacation, I stumbled across this list of dog-friendly attractions and destinations in California.

A loose dog caused a crash during the Tour de France.This can serve as a reminder to all of us to keep our pooches leashed, and to keep an eye on them at all times, especially during events and at places with which they are not familiar. At least it was only a barrage of bicycles that this pooch intercepted, running into a busy street would have been much worse for all involved. Luckily, all the cyclists who crashed were able to resume the race, and the pup was uninjured as well.

Stumbled across this funny page of the Top Ten Dancing Dogs (the link has videos). These pups sure know how to get their groove on!

In Pennsylvania, dog wardens removed 185 chihuahuas from a house. I thought that this article in particular was important to post, because it specifically mentions that the dogs were actually in decent conditions, all named, cared for, and friendly. This was just a situation where kindness spiraled out of control. All-too-often that is how hoarding situations begin--it's tempting to demonize, but it really can come from a good place.

More in doggie love-- a Shar Pei has adopted two Siberian Tiger cubs in Russia, after their mother was not able to care for them. The cubs are now living with the mama-dog and her litter of pups. The pictures that go along with the link are just adorable!

Have a great weekend guys!


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