Thursday, July 19, 2012

Aspiring Model Diego and Dog Roll Action!

Diego's mom sent us a few new headshots, and boy is Little D looking adorable! First is your classic look, just Diego smiling ear-to-ear.
 In these next two you can see Diego sporting the latest in Doggie Fashion.
 Those glasses are just perfect!

There was a lot of great action in the Medium Roll today. New pup Theodore was tearing it up with little Sammy. They were fast friends today, and stuck together throughout most of the day. In this clip you can also see Ruby (with her new summer 'do), Gibson, and Lucy in the back.

Sophie is coming more and more out of her shell-- today she had a great romp with Boston Terrier Lucy. The two of them are just adorable together.

This clip from the big guys features Ozzy and Zeus, tearing it up!

 Have a great night guys!


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