Thursday, July 26, 2012


I don't normally read Fiction, but when I do, I fancy medieval folk/fantasy type of stuff (Wow, lol, sounded like the Dos Equis guy for a minute). Anywho, I'm currently reading J.R.R. Tolkien's "Tales from the Perilous Realm" and have been loving it. Tolkien has to be my favorite for fiction. Like many, I fell in love with The Hobbit at a young age. I also thoroughly enjoy his writing style... Who says you can't have run-on sentences and the overuse of parenthesis (I really like using them haha)?

Tales from the Perilous Realm is a collection of short stories. The dog related story, Roverandom, is the first story in the collection and it gave me quite a chuckle. It is about a little dog, Rover, who gets turned into a toy dog by a grumpy wizard. For some reason, it reminds me of my childhood and my own dog. Definitely check this story out, especially if you have young ones to read to. However, anyone can and probably will adore it.

I wanted to share a little excerpt from the Roverandom tale, it's my favorite part, quite fitting. This is the part where Rover is flying on the back of a huge seagull and approaching the "Isle of Lost Dogs" lol!

"Over the water and up to them came the sound of a tremendous barking, a noise made up of all the different kinds and sizes of barks there are: yaps and yelps, and yammers and yowls, growling and grizzling, whickering and whining, snickering and snarling, mumping and moaning, and the most enormous baying, like a giant bloodhound in the backyard of an ogre."

Sounds a lot like The Fort eh? Hahaha... NOT!


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  1. Ah, I love Roverandom, one of my favourite stories for sure.