Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Far Side

One of my favorite comic strips, especially as a kid, simple, short and to the point of the pun. Apparently Gary Larson doesn't like it when people post his stuff online... Sorry Mr. Larson, this will be the last time. ;)

 My personal favorite

Here are all the canine related ones I could find. I skipped a few toons, avoided putting up comics I've put up in the past, minus a few of my favorites. Click to enlarge and enjoy!


Although I never saw it, there was a "The Far Side" TV special back in the day. It aired on CBS and was fairly "Riss-kay" at the time. Haha! Here's a link to a semi-dog-realated  clip of that special.

Extremely funny dark-comedy, as usual! I need to find that special in it's entirety.

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