Thursday, July 12, 2012

Two Great Clips!

We got some great clips today, showcasing some of the pups that are new to Fort Fido. First up is Baer and his buddy Duke. These boys had a great time rolling around with the big dogs, neckfighting and taking it slow at times, and romping about as well. It's especially cute, knowing that these boys' owners are also friends, to see that the pups definitely caught the friendship bug!

In the medium roll, we had little Vizsla Sophie here for her first full day. While she isn't tearing it up super hard, we spotted some flash-in-the-pan moments that let us know more play is coming! I can definitely see Sophie coming a lot further out of her shell--she's already well on the way, and  . I hope to see that day soon, and be able to catch a clip to share with all of you!

Jake, who is also romping in this clip, is also pretty new to us. He started last week, and has been a little bundle of excited puppy energy ever since then! The rest in the clip have been attending for a while, but it never quits being fun to watch them play! Tikvah, Sammy, and Buddah were in the mix, showing the ropes to both puppy Jake, and newcomer Sophie.


 In the news, a New York dog wedding is being billed as "the pet wedding of the century," and is set to a break world record, for the most expensive pet wedding. While it seems ridiculous, the entirety of the $250 ticket price (ouch!) is going to the Lucky Diamond Critical Care Ward at the Humane Society of New York. A lot of vendors are donating their services to make all of this possible. 

In other funnies, check out this dog that loves trying to chomp on passing cars!

Hope that gave you a good chuckle!


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