Friday, July 6, 2012

Just a couple clips

On the big side, we had Grady and Maximus tearing it up! Grady has been staying with us for a couple of days, and it's great to see that his energy level hasn't been dampened at all--he's ready to tear it up, and Max was ready to romp as well!
It was puppy madness on the medium side, with little Thorn and Jake getting everybody amped up and ready to have a great time. Buddah and Gracie couldn't help but join in--the puppies' joy was just infectious. These guys are here during the prime socialization window, and you can really tell how it's going to impact their behavior positively for years to come.

A 10-year-old pooch was rescued from George Washington Bridge in new Jersey after fireworks scared the poor old boy away from a Fourth of July Party. He was trying to make his way home to New York City.

A dancing pup who won Britain's Got Talent has been offered a book deal. I mostly posted this article so that I had an excuse to show you this adorable dancing dog! Lol. Check him out--

Have a great weekend!


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