Saturday, July 28, 2012

Boarding Pic and a Clip (or two!)

The little guys getting ready for bed!
We had a big weekend for boarding this time around, and it was really a "more the merrier" situation here. It's just priceless to see these pups snuggle up for the night, napping with their good buddies!

First up in the clips is a good romp had by Gordon, Zipper, Winston, and Baer. They were all getting in on the action, and were a great high-energy little pack all day. These boys really know how to tear it up!

But even after all that tearing it up, they keep on playing! Here Gordon and Zipper are a little slower than before, neckfighting as they each lounge on the floor. Maybe too tired to romp, but never too tired to play!

In the news-- remember when I posted about a runaway dog causing a crash during a leg of the Tour de France? Well another loose pooch has found his way into a cycling event-- this time at the Olympics! At least this time nobody was hurt, and the race continued on unimpeded.

There is a new World's Smallest Pooch! Tiny Bebe was certified by Guinness as the new record holder, standing at just six-and-a-half inches tall, and weighing only two-and-a-half pounds.

I hope that you got to enjoy the sunshine this afternoon!


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