Thursday, July 5, 2012

Combo post! News and Clips

In the Big Roll, Marty and Zipper where romping in the sunshine this morning. 


New medium-roller Jake was in a great and energetic mood today-- we caught a bit of him running with little Puggle Buddah. 

Upstairs, best buds Marlee and Pearl were attached at the hip! They spent a good deal of time playing together today.

In the news...
Twitter helps to find a lost dog who took a train ride without his owner. 

What is heat stroke, and how can pet owners prevent it?

A pup helped to find a missing autistic boy, joining in a massive search effort by an entire community.

A police dog, spooked by fireworks, has been found and sent back home.

Service dog could help a child with rare disease. We're only beginning to scratch the surface of all the different ways that dogs can be trained as service animals to improve the lives of their human companions.

And speaking of training, there's a new trainer in town! Following the success of Cesar Milan and Victoria Stilwell comes Justin Silver. He is "The Dog Guru," and trains pups in New York. I haven't had the chance to watch any of his programs, but I definitely agree with the basic philosophy he has: "A dog’s behavior is shaped by the people in its life, you’re always communicating to your animals, whether it’s directly or inadvertently, through your behavior.” I wish him the best of luck, shaping up those city dogs (and city dog owners!).

This article about a Taiwanese photographer is heart-wrenching--but the light he shines on the problem of stray dogs and euthanasia in Taiwan is sorely needed in a culture that does not have the same support network for stray dogs as ours. Even we are not doing so well on finding homes for all the pups we have. These portraits are very thought-provoking, and help incite people to take pet ownership more seriously.

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