Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boarding going well & a terrific trio!

Ha, and I thought last week was exciting! There are many new dogs starting at Fort Fido. Luckily for us they have all been quite pleasant. I think the word is getting out that we are more or less 24/7, folks are excited about that.... I'm glad, because we too are excited. With close to two months of overnight boarding under our belts, we find ourselves feeling positive about the decision thus far. There has been and will continue to be many new things to learn but so far so good. If we know anything, we know dogs and how to keep them happy lol. Things are running smoothly around here.

Sorry, got off on a bit of a tangent there, anywho... Meet Gracie, Oscar and Titan!

Gracie, same family "sister" of Oscar, is a nine year old, fifty pound, Basset Hound Mix. She was perfect for the Medium Roll. Gracie enjoyed herself imensouly. This blue-eyed beauty played a lot, she was totally in her element here!

Oscar, Gracie's "brother", is a ten year old, sixty pound, Terrier/Hound Mix. We had him in our Big Roll. The old chap did a fine job mingling with the pack. Oscar is rather spry for his age and he played well with the others. Like Gracie, Oscar had a super good time.

Both Gracie and Oscar spoke "dog" fluently. They are a testament to early socialization. We'll be seeing these two on Friday and look forward to it.

Last but certainly not least was Titan. What an awesome name! Titan is a five year old, thirty-three pound American Eskimo/Poodle Mix. This dog has a great smile coupled with a wonderfully unique look... Yes, dogs do smile lol. Titan hung out with the pack of the Medium Roll. He didn't play, but he didn't mind being around the other dogs. Titan is a nice and gentle soul. We hope that he will interact a bit more in the future. Titan is more than welcome to attend The Fort and we won't be too surprised if he starts making more friends in future visits.

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